Reality Blog: Want faster business growth? Try a success coach

Reality Blog: Want faster business growth? Try a success coach

July 13, 2022 | By Judith Culp Pearson | No Comments

New and experienced writers can both benefit from coaching. In addition, a success coach can help accelerate your career.

Here’s a question for you… how many successful athletes do you know who don’t use a coach?


Athletes, musicians, and other competitors work with one or more coaches. Each type of coach helps them develop skill sets required for success. Mindset, muscle memory, fitness, nutrition, and so on.

We writers are no different. We can lurch along on our own or find the right coach and enhance our odds of success.

As you grow and learn, you may need a different coaching approach. But you can use a coach’s skills to move forward more confidently.

If you want to play in the big leagues, you need coaches. It’s essential.

When you started your pursuit of a writing career, you most likely focused on learning writing skills. You may have focused on newsletters, emails, landing pages, and blogs.

Skills are essential, but there may be a gap between writing skills and paid clients. The right coach helps you bridge that gap with the skills to connect and work with clients.

I remember Joshua Boswell repeatedly saying, “You must learn the dance.” He was right, but I didn’t fully understand it for a while. Then, I learned there are a lot of little nuances that happen.

Nuances or subtleties are the steps, dips, turns, and spins. Those take time to learn, stumble on, and practice to master. They take a basic dance and turn it into something for Dancing with the Stars.

Here are some tips for finding the right coach and how to maximize your investment.

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