Step-by-Step Guide to Create B2B Explainer Videos

Step-by-Step Guide to Create B2B Explainer Videos

July 28, 2022 | By John Richard | No Comments

Businesses these days are now heavily relying on videos to build brand awareness and advance prospective customers along the sales funnel. 95% of B2B buyers say they use videos to help them move forward with a purchase decision, per SearchEngineLand. And one of the most popular types of marketing videos is the explainer video

So let’s talk about how to create a successful explainer video for your brand or organization.

What Is an Explainer Video?

The purpose of an explainer video is to explain your company’s services or products. Explainer videos that are well-made help in explaining to potential customers why they should work with you.

Some of the common places where you can use explainer videos are landing pages, website homepages, social media profiles, and prominent product or service sites. You can also use an explainer video for various other purposes like presentations, crowdfunding campaigns, and other events.

Generally, an explainer video costs $5,000 to $35,000, depending upon the project, its length, style, and complexity.

There are plenty of advantages of creating an explainer video. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Boosts your online presence
  • Helps in retaining the interest and attention of viewers
  • Increases your funnel’s conversion rate
  • Amplifies your message on social media since it’s highly shareable content

How to Make an Explainer Video in 6 Easy Steps

To make an explainer video, you need to follow a definitive process. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Step #1: Research the Audience and the Product

The main goal of creating an explainer video is to simplify concepts and ideas that are difficult to comprehend. Therefore, you need to plan the content of the video so it’s easy to digest yet engaging at the same time.

Secondly, you need to offer the right solutions. While researching, find a common issue that most of your targeted audience is facing and then create an explainer video that addresses it.

Step #2: Choose the Style and Type of Explainer Video

Whether you’re creating an explainer video to sell a product or service or to explain a product or service, the video style and type will vary.

Video Types

Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to convey complex concepts in a way that is easy to understand. They’re also useful for explaining difficult ideas and concepts.

A whiteboard explainer video can be the best option if you’re on a tight budget and want to keep things simple. All you need is a hand, a single person, or an animated person to draw (and erase) on a white background to explain points in this type of video.

Live-action video, which means it’s filmed on camera rather than animated. Use it to show the steps involved in making a tangible product or providing a service to others. Casting real people into your videos might help you connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Step #3: Write the Script

Your explainer video’s script is its heart and soul. It doesn’t matter how good your visuals are if you don’t have a solid story to back them up. That’s where your copywriting skills come into play.

Always keep in mind that you’ll be working on the script for a long time, so start with something simple. It is vital to keep in mind that explainer videos are a visual medium.

Thus, concepts and narratives are important. It is vital to include visual aspects in your narrative, which you can display clearly on the storyboard.

Step #4: Create a Storyboard

An excellent script for your explainer video can be all you need to get started. However, you want to be sure the visual elements of the video match what the script is conveying. So, it’s necessary to create a mock-up of your storyboard to support the script.

Before creating a shot list, you can use tools like StudioBinder to create your own storyboard to better picture the project. This will help you avoid issues that may arise during production.

Filming the explainer video is significantly more likely to follow the script if the important frames are laid out in a storyboard.

Step #5: Do a Voiceover

An explainer video without audio is useless. For voiceover, you can hire a professional voiceover artist. You can hire top freelance voiceover artists, including those with years of expertise and specialization in a wide range of projects.

Step #6: Create Your Visual Assets

An explainer video will require the creation of a variety of visual elements. Brand logos that move, pictures that are motionless or moving, and more. It’s critical to have a strategy in place for creating and storing graphic assets so you can use them during the editing process.

However, don’t panic if you lack the necessary skills and software to generate graphic assets. You can simply hire freelance video editors and animators with the expertise you want.

Add Visual and Sound Effects

It’s pretty evident that an explainer video needs more than simple visuals. It’s a good idea to use music and sound effects to help create the video tone.

An appropriate background soundtrack and sound effects should be used in conjunction with a video’s action sequences, such as something lively and contemporary for a youthful audience.

Distribute Your Video

You can post or embed your explainer to your client’s website, a landing page, or one of their social media accounts after it’s completed. Advertising explainer videos on social media platforms can be pretty beneficial for your client’s business.

For those who don’t want to publish their videos to a video-hosting service, they can embed them on their website or share them on social media. You can use the relevant keywords in the descriptions to help people locate your video. It can also help to skyrocket your conversion rates.


An effective explainer video should be precise, to the point, and relevant to the audience it is created for. By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily make a high-quality explainer video that fulfills customers’ demands and promotes brand loyalty while also increasing revenue.

Explainer videos are a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal if you use the correct resources..

If you need any help with your explainer video, seek assistance from any professional production company like BuzzFlick, a popular video animation company. For decades, they have been offering video animation and production services.

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