Your Daily LinkedIn Marketing To-Dos to Build Your Business

Your Daily LinkedIn Marketing To-Dos to Build Your Business

July 14, 2022 | By Divya Agrawal | No Comments

If freelance content writers and copywriters aren’t careful, our own daily LinkedIn marketing can get completely sidelined amid serving clients and other bazillion things we do inside our businesses.

That’s why it helps to divide marketing (which can seem like a humongous feat) into manageable chunks to handle on the daily, weekly, and monthly timeline.

I advise all solopreneurs and business owners to divide their marketing like this.

Suddenly, marketing looks more achievable when we break it down into smaller to-dos.

What’s more, it becomes sustainable as we aren’t left wondering what we should do today to check-off marketing from our list. We know exactly what will keep our LinkedIn leads pipeline full and our business going.

I like to break down marketing to-dos into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks based on how frequently we should do them to keep moving onward.

If you love tactics and strategies that take out the guesswork from your business, you’re in for a treat. Let’s make your marketing doable and sustainable.

Monthly LinkedIn Marketing

Devise a Content Goal for the Month

Which service or product do you want to sell this month? How many of them? A clearly devised content goal must contain actual numbers — don’t be afraid of putting down a number of leads or total sales you want to bring in along with a timeline.

Often, we shy away from numbers, fearing failure. If you say you want five leads next month for a particular service, but you get four, it isn’t a failure; you’ve still made great, measurable progress.


Refresh Your Knowledge of Your Ideal Client

Once a month, it helps to refresh what you know about your ideal client. Did something change in your ideal client definition? Did you learn something new about your clients from your conversations and engagement with them last month?

Build an ideal client persona and refine it each month. It’s one of the key foundational pieces to your marketing.


Pinpoint Gaps in Your Content

I maintain a content directory in a Trello board where I store all of the LinkedIn posts I’ve made so far. Hire a VA or put aside 30 minutes every day to build this repository.

Then, look for gaps in your content. Google your industry and see what the top blog posts talk about. Take notes of any ideas that pop in your head for your own content as you perform this exercise.


Update Your LinkedIn Profile If Need Be

Once a month, take a quick look at your LinkedIn profile and find things that need updating. This exercise ensures that your LinkedIn profile is always in shape.

Don’t forget to look at your content goal for the month and set up your LinkedIn profile for conversions. The service you want to sell this month should be highlighted and explained in your profile.

Answer your ideal client’s FAQs around this service and add this document to your profile Featured section. Link your Featured section to testimonials around the service/product you want to sell this month.


Create a Content Strategy

Create a content strategy every month based on your goals for the month, the kind of content you already have, and the content gaps you need to fill.

Read my previous post on creating a content strategy to build one for yourself.

Weekly LinkedIn Marketing

Check Profile Viewers and Reach Out to Interesting Ones

For one of your weekly LinkedIn marketing to-dos, reach out to LinkedIn profile viewers (if you’re a Premium member) that qualify for your ideal client definition. You’ll find these effectively listed under ‘interesting profile viewers’ if you’ve been active on LinkedIn for some time.

You may simply send them a connection request or an InMail asking for collaboration and checking fit.

I like to be upfront with my outreach instead of goofing around when I’m trying to land a particular client.


Connect with Those Engaging with Your Content

Once a week, take some time to reflect on who engaged with your content. Your community engages with your content through DMs, comments, and by sharing and reacting to your posts.

Take some time to go through each post you made on LinkedIn in the past week. Send a connection request to everyone who qualifies as an ideal client or a peer.


Ideate Content and Batch Create Posts

Once a week, sit at your desk and consider what you’d like to share with your community and prospective clients this week. What would you like them to know about you and your business?

I like to separate the ideation and the creation phase of content marketing. I sit down one evening to brainstorm ideas and then later expand those ideas into posts.


Connect Cold with Prospects

Once a week, if you’re interested in outbound marketing, cold connect with prospects on LinkedIn. Type the keywords for your ideal client in LinkedIn search and click on People. There are two ways of moving forward and I’ve personally seen success in both ways.

  1. Directly send a DM or InMail explaining what you do and ask if they’re looking for assistance.
  2. Engage with their content and personalize your connection request to eventually build a business relationship. This approach is softer and slower.


Daily LinkedIn Marketing

Engage with Three Posts

Follow any one of the following strategies every day to engage with three posts meaningfully. Engaging amplifies your voice on the platform and helps you make better connections on LinkedIn.

  1. Scroll rapidly on your LinkedIn feed. Stop at three random posts and leave meaningful ideas, opinions, or experiences as comments under them.
  2. Explore relevant hashtags and engage with posts under those hashtags.
  3. Engage with your ideal prospects you want to convert into paying clients.


Post Your Content

Included in your daily LinkedIn marketing: make one post on LinkedIn. Too much? Choose your own speed of posting. When you’re not posting, make an effort to engage with others’ posts.

If you followed the monthly content strategy exercise and the weekly brainstorming and batched content creation exercise, all you need to do now is copy, paste, and post.


Meaningfully Interact in DMs

Engage with prospects and peers in your DMs once each day. These direct conversations lead to better insight into your ideal clients, open up conversations for other kinds of collaboration, and allow you to find and lend support in the community you’ve built on LinkedIn.


Interact with Comments on Your Posts

If you made a post today, spend time once a day engaging with comments your readers made on your post. Engage thoughtfully with the intention of helping and authentically engaging.

If marketing looks like a humongous rock, break it down into manageable pebbles with these monthly, weekly, and daily LinkedIn marketing to-dos. No more missing out on marketing because of a lack of planning. You’ll be able to maintain a consistent marketing effort on LinkedIn — and that will pay off for you over time.

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