How to Market on LinkedIn When Your Plate Is Full

How to Market on LinkedIn When Your Plate Is Full

August 22, 2022 | By Divya Agrawal | No Comments

Often freelance writers stop marketing when they are fully booked. They don’t even market on LinkedIn. The common thought process in the mind of the busy writer is, “I have all I can take on. Why market?”

And then, one of their clients suddenly drops off, and there is no way for them to quickly fill the gap because they have not been marketing all along.

And the dreaded cycle starts again. Freelance writers scramble to find their next client from a place of desperation ─ not a good look when you want stability and freedom, not anxiety, from your freelance writing business.

We always need to market for tomorrow in case a client ends a contract, you want to move up and earn more, or you want to end your association with a client for any reason.

I speak from experience when I say it takes much less work to keep the marketing engine running than it takes to boot it up after a period of halt.

However, your marketing strategy when you’re actively looking for new leads versus when your plate is full can be entirely different.

Here’s how to stay visible as a fully booked freelance writer — without needing to invest a lot of time.

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