Why Your LinkedIn Content Doesn’t Have to Be Vulnerable or Unique

Why Your LinkedIn Content Doesn’t Have to Be Vulnerable or Unique

August 1, 2022 | By Divya Agrawal | No Comments

Is the pressure to be vulnerable and unique holding you back from self-marketing on LinkedIn? I get it. Perhaps you’ve just arrived on the platform, or you’ve been lurking for quite some time now. Finally, when you have mustered up the courage to start posting on LinkedIn, you see the platform shift.

LinkedIn has recently over-embraced the idea of vulnerability and uniqueness in a preachy way.

It’s good to be genuine on LinkedIn. However, with the pressure to be vulnerable on the platform these days, talking about the business doesn’t seem enough.

We don’t want to post regurgitated content or copied posts on LinkedIn, of course. But, when the pressure of being unique holds you back, things have gone too far.

Vulnerability integrates into the preaching of various gurus who tell us to be ‘authentic’ without sharing much about their own journey early on or the toll vulnerability can take on one’s mental health.

Uniqueness integrates into the need to be ‘authoritative,’ without which, we are told, our business would fail. And so we trap ourselves in the idea of needing to portray uniqueness and jeopardize our willingness to post anything at all.

Let’s learn more about this delicate balance when sharing authentically and authoritatively on LinkedIn.

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