8 Freelance Writer LinkedIn Profile Mistakes You Should Fix

8 Freelance Writer LinkedIn Profile Mistakes You Should Fix

September 26, 2022 | By Divya Agrawal | No Comments

As a freelance writer, I get 90% of my business from LinkedIn. I’ve found that most times, here’s how it flows:

  • A prospect puts ‘freelance technology writer’ in a LinkedIn search.
  • They get a list of freelance writers that fit the bill.
  • They click on my profile.
  • They DM me.

I discovered how it works because I ask prospects how they found me.

So, I know my LinkedIn profile plays an important role in qualifying my ideal clients, letting them know who I work with and boosting my credibility so they reach out to me above other freelance technology writers.

If this isn’t happening for you as often as you’d like it to, one of the possible reasons may be your LinkedIn profile. Through many profile optimizations I’ve performed for and with freelance writers, I’ve made a list of the most common LinkedIn profile mistakes I’ve encountered.

Let’s go through them and see how to rectify these LinkedIn profile mistakes so it is optimized for visibility and conversions.

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