Before You Fall Forward, Pause and Reflect

Before You Fall Forward, Pause and Reflect

September 12, 2022 | By Joanne Dash | No Comments

Have you ever experienced a true Fall season, like we experience in the Northeast U.S.? The air becomes a little cooler and a little crisper.

The leaves on some of the trees start to change colors to warm red, orange, and yellow before they fall to the ground.

Whether you are young-at-heart or have young ones, it will soon be time to have fun playing in the leaves… Tossing the leaves up and making it “rain leaves.” Wading in the large piles of leaves… Or, for the truly brave, jumping into the piles of leaves.

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the half of the earth North of the equator, you are entering a seasonal change to Autumn or Fall.

Our rhythm can either speed up or slow down depending on them. What is it about the season changes that affect our rhythm?

These changes can be very subtle. Could it be due to all the subconscious information stored in the back of our minds?

Phrases like, “Fall Back”… that phrase alone can make us feel like slowing down to pause and reflect or taking a step back in any progress we’re making. (It’s the opposite message to “Spring Ahead”… which may cause us to feel excited or even speed up.)


Pause and Reflect

Fall season is a great time to pause and reflect on your writing and your career. Are you still heading in your intended direction?

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