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30-Day Challenges to Catapult Your B2B Business Results

Sometimes you need to challenge yourself to make progress… in life and in your B2B freelance business.

If you’re trying to get healthier, you may decide to increase the number of homemade meals you have in a week.

Or you may decide to sign up for some 5K races to motivate you to run on a regular basis.

Or hide your smartphone in another room for several hours to keep you off social media.

For your business, there are probably lots of things you know you “should” do as well… but you just never seem to find the time to actually do them.

This series of 30-day challenges is meant to inspire you… there will be 13 of these to choose from.

Do one every month. Or pick one at a time and challenge yourself to complete it.

You should be rewarded by seeing the positive results for your business. Or, if you need some more immediate motivation, give yourself a reward for each challenge you complete ─ give yourself an afternoon off to enjoy an activity you love… or buy yourself a new gadget you’ve been eying.

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