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Articles by B2B Writing Success

Why White Papers Are Vital to B2B Copywriters

By B2B Writing Success / June 23, 2013

Regardless of your B2B copywriting experience, learning to write white papers can give a boost your freelance business. Watch this video where Gordon Graham explains to Steve Slaunwhite why white papers are so important.

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3 Things You Must Do To Attract B2B Clients

By B2B Writing Success / June 19, 2013

Steve Slaunwhite interviews Bob Bly and uncovers 3 important steps copywriters must take before they can attract quality clients.

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Why Case Studies are Important to B2B Marketers

By B2B Writing Success / June 19, 2013

Ed Gandia became a successful B2B copywriter in only 27 months — while holding down his demanding full-time sales job. In that short period of […]

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Can You Solve This B2B Copywriting Problem?

By B2B Writing Success / June 18, 2013

There are many types of media that B2B copywriters can use. Pete Savage tells us about one that’s in high demand now.

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Quick Tip: When to Use Features in B2B Copy

By B2B Writing Success / June 12, 2013

B2B Copywriters who understand when they should explain a product’s features instead of its benefits can write better copy for their B2B clients.

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Quick Tip: What Makes B2B Copywriting Different

By B2B Writing Success / June 8, 2013

Quick Tip: One key difference between B2B copywriting and writing for consumers.

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