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The 4 Easiest-to-Land B2B Writing Projects

4 Easiest B2B Writing Projects for New B2B Copywriters to Land

By Daniel Ballard / January 27, 2020

You’ve acquired your B2B copywriting skills. Now it’s time to bring in some clients… these four projects are the easiest projects for new B2B copywriters.

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5 Productivity Traps B2B Freelancers Should Avoid

5 Productivity-Boosting Tips for B2B Copywriters

By Daniel Ballard / November 7, 2019

Boost productivity in your B2B copywriting business with five can’t-fail tips to keep you focused while working from home.

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Setting Healthy B2B Client Boundaries

4 Ways to Be Irreplaceable to Clients & Irresistible to Prospects

By Daniel Ballard / October 28, 2019

If you’re competing on price as a freelancer, you’re hurting yourself and your clients. Instead, try these four ways to be irresistible to prospects.

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Streamline Your Writing Research for Better Income

Streamline Your Copywriting Research to Increase Your Income

By Daniel Ballard / August 22, 2019

“A-list” copywriters often point out that the secret to writing great focused copy is not the writing at all. It’s the research. Solid, complete research […]

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