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Articles by Diane Sweeney

6 ideas to build a daily writing habit

Six Ideas to Build Your Everyday Writing Habit

By Diane Sweeney / July 5, 2021

Try these six ideas to make the most of your daily writing habit and never be at a loss about what to write about each day.

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Daily Writing Routine

Do This One Thing Every Day to Become a Better Copywriter

By Diane Sweeney / July 1, 2021

Do this one routine that creates a structure from which you will become a better writer, planner, and master of efficiency in your workday.

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When You Look for New Prospects, Don't Miss These Sites

When You Look for New Prospects, Don’t Miss These Sites

By Diane Sweeney / April 8, 2021

Daily prospecting yields results, especially when you’re starting out. But where do you find those new prospects? Check out these lesser-known sites.

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How One Writer Made $50,000 with LinkedIn Profinder

How One Copywriter Made $50,000 Using LinkedIn Profinder

By Diane Sweeney / October 5, 2020

I made $50,000 in copywriting client work using LinkedIn ProFinder as a passive part of my marketing strategy. Here’s how.

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Attract B2B Copywriting Clients by Getting Found

Attract B2B Copywriting Clients with Mindset as Well as Skill Set

By Diane Sweeney / August 3, 2020

Is there a way you can attract B2B clients easily and effortlessly? Yes, there is. But you have to be willing to change your mindset.

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