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Articles by Ed Gandia

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

By Ed Gandia / April 17, 2014

We juggle many tasks as freelance copywriters. Ed Gandia talks to us about what tasks to outsource and which ones we shouldn’t.

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Are Elevator Pitches Dead?

By Ed Gandia / December 5, 2013

Has social media killed the elevator pitch? Ed Gandia examines the traditional elevator pitch and what works today.

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What B2B Clients Want Most From Their Writers

By Ed Gandia / November 7, 2013

Ed Gandia reveals the one thing B2B clients want and the 4 ways you can provide it and get more clients.

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Special B2B Forum Event: Ask Ed Gandia

By Ed Gandia / October 14, 2013

Ed Gandia will be on the B2B forum live to answer your questions on copywriting, getting clients, pricing and more!

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Productivity Tips for B2B Copywriters

By Ed Gandia / August 26, 2013

Ed Gandia shares his strategies for better productivity as a B2B copywriter. Discover easy ways to handle more business and enjoy more free time.

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What to Do When You’re Asked for References

By Ed Gandia / August 8, 2013

What should you do if a client asks for references? With Ed Gandia’s strategies, you’ll never worry about that again.

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7 Psychological Triggers That Land More Clients

By Ed Gandia / July 18, 2013

Ever wonder why some copywriters just seem to get more business? Ed Gandia explains 7 psychological triggers that can help you get hired.

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12 Easy Tips for Successful Case Study Interviews

By Ed Gandia / June 30, 2013

Getting the best possible information in a case study interview makes writing a great case study easier. Here are some simple tips.

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How to Boost Your Income by Going After Hungrier Markets

By Ed Gandia / June 30, 2013

Offering the same or similar services to other audiences can double or triple your freelance income. Ed Gandia shows you how.

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A Winning Formula for Powerful Case Studies

By Ed Gandia / June 24, 2013

Want to write more powerful case studies in less time? Ed Gandia shares his proven formula for writing dazzling case studies quickly and easily.

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