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Articles by Ed Gandia

Using a Client Quality Matrix to Fire or Keep a Client

Special Event: Getting Clients with Ed Gandia

By Ed Gandia / November 5, 2015

Join Ed Gandia for a special webinar: How to Make Yourself Incredibly Attractive to B2B Copywriting Clients

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Need Help Launching Your B2B Copywriting Business?

By Ed Gandia / August 17, 2015

Work with successful B2B copywriting expert Ed Gandia and get your B2B copywriting business launched today.

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Positioning Yourself to Attract Top Clients

Positioning Yourself to Attract Top Clients

By Ed Gandia / February 17, 2015

You have a limited amount of time for copywriting projects which means attracting the right type of client is critical. Ed Gandia shows you how.

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How I built my successful b2b copywriting business

How I Built My Successful B2B Copywriting Business

By Ed Gandia / October 16, 2014

Ed Gandia explains his secret to building a successful B2B copywriting business. It’s worked for other B2B copywriters just like you.

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Why in the world would clients hire you

Why in the World Would Clients Hire YOU?

By Ed Gandia / October 9, 2014

Over 800,000 copywriters show up in a Google search for B2B copywriters. Here’s how to be the one clients want to hire.

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Biz Builder Online Workshop

Biz Builder Online Workshop With Ed Gandia

By Ed Gandia / October 6, 2014

This exclusive online workshop reveals exactly how to launch a successful B2B copywriting business with high-paying clients faster and with less risk.

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Two High-Income Freelance Business Models

By Ed Gandia / May 1, 2014

Ed Gandia introduces two business pricing models to consider that can help your freelance business be more profitable very quickly.

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Is Outsourcing Right for You?

By Ed Gandia / April 17, 2014

We juggle many tasks as freelance copywriters. Ed Gandia talks to us about what tasks to outsource and which ones we shouldn’t.

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5 Creative Ways to Craft Your B2B Copywriting Elevator Pitch

Are Elevator Pitches Dead?

By Ed Gandia / December 5, 2013

Has social media killed the elevator pitch? Ed Gandia examines the traditional elevator pitch and what works today.

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What B2B Clients Want Most From Their Writers

By Ed Gandia / November 7, 2013

Ed Gandia reveals the one thing B2B clients want and the 4 ways you can provide it and get more clients.

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