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Articles by Julia Borgini

B2B Blogs: There's more to it than just writing

B2B Blogs: There’s More to it Than Just Writing

By Julia Borgini / October 6, 2014

While more B2B companies are using blogs to communicate their message, many are doing it ineffectively. These tips can help.

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How B2B Companies are Winning on Social Media

By Julia Borgini / September 11, 2014

B2B companies are learning to harness the power of social media. Julia Borgini examines some unique examples of B2B social media marketing.

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Five #brandfails to Avoid in B2B Content Marketing

By Julia Borgini / September 4, 2014

How do you add emotion to your B2B content without offending your audience? Julia Borgini gives you five pitfalls to avoid in B2B content marketing.

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Freelance Website Redesign: A Case Study

By Julia Borgini / July 29, 2014

Julia Borgini walks you through the redesign of her freelance website. See the advantages and disadvantages of doing it all yourself.

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Write Online Articles and Be a Freelance Magnet

By Julia Borgini / July 3, 2014

Be a Freelance Magnet and have clients chasing you instead of the other way around by writing in targeted online publications.

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Corporate Blogging is the New Black

By Julia Borgini / June 19, 2014

B2B companies once shunned blogging as a way to attract clients, but they are now embracing it as a key part of their content marketing strategy.

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Why B2B Marketers Should Create Infographics

By Julia Borgini / March 25, 2014

B2B companies are discovering that infographics can enhance their marketing copy. Here’s why and how to use infographics.

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Integrating Social Media into B2B Marketing

By Julia Borgini / January 23, 2014

Many B2B companies are unsure how to effectively integrate social media into their marketing. Here are some easy first steps.

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5 Unique Uses of Social Media

By Julia Borgini / January 14, 2014

How can B2B companies effectively use social media? Here are five B2B companies who have successfully executed a social media strategy.

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10 Tips: Using Social Media for Customer Service

By Julia Borgini / December 23, 2013

B2B companies are discovering the value of using social media for customer service and turning to B2B copywriters for help.

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