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Articles by Laurie Garrison

Use Prospecting Templates to Ease Your Search

Use Prospecting Templates to Ease Your Search for B2B Clients

By Laurie Garrison / April 5, 2021

Using templates, like prospecting templates for outreach, can make the search for B2B clients easier and less time-consuming.

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Be SMART in Setting Your B2B Business Goals

Be SMART in Setting Your B2B Copywriting Business Goals

By Laurie Garrison / December 21, 2020

If you’re SMART in setting B2B copywriting business goals in these four areas, you’ll be more likely to stay on track and hit your targets.

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Prep Your Writing Business for the New Year

10 Steps to Prep Your Copywriting Business for the New Year

By Laurie Garrison / December 14, 2020

Take these 10 steps now to prepare your copywriting business for the New Year, setting you on the path to achieve your goals next year.

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Your 12-Step Year-End Freelance Performance Review

Your 12-Step Year-End B2B Freelance Business Performance Review

By Laurie Garrison / December 7, 2020

Be your own boss this year: use these 12 steps to conduct your own performance review of your B2B freelance writing business.

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5 Tasks to Close Out Your Freelance Year

Take Care of Your B2B Freelance Business ─ Complete These 5 Tasks

By Laurie Garrison / November 30, 2020

Position your B2B freelance business for a great new year. Complete these five tasks to close out your year.

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Eight Ways to Find a B2B Prospect's Email Address

Eight Ways to Find a B2B Prospect’s Email Address

By Laurie Garrison / July 20, 2020

Got your ideal prospect? Now here are eight ways to get their email address and reach out.

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How to Show Samples When You're a B2B Ghostwriter

How to Provide Copywriting Samples When You’re a B2B Ghostwriter

By Laurie Garrison / April 27, 2020

When you can’t share B2B client samples nor even a client list because you ghostwrite, how can you market your services? Here’s how.

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Discover B2B’s Lucrative Untapped Writing Projects

Discover B2B’s Lucrative Untapped Copywriting Projects

By Laurie Garrison / April 20, 2020

As if you don’t have enough B2B writing opportunities, we have a B2B writing project you’ve never heard of… that pays very well.

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Reality Blog: My Copywriter’s Toolbox

A Simple and Essential B2B Writing Tool to Track Everything

By Laurie Garrison / January 13, 2020

Apps for this and apps for that: you can get overwhelmed just managing your business… but is that necessary? Or can one tool do it all?

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A 12-Step Plan to Create Compelling Long-Form B2B Copy

A Step-by-Step Plan to Create Compelling Long-Form B2B Writing

By Laurie Garrison / December 26, 2019

In-depth articles, white papers, case studies, and special reports can be quite long… here’s a plan to keep yourself organized and focused.

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