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Articles by Michael Katz

B2B Copywriting Summit: Writing B2B Newsletters

B2B Copywriting Summit: Writing B2B Newsletters

By Michael Katz / November 16, 2016

In this video from the B2B Online Summit, Michael Katz reveals why B2B newsletters should be part of your content marketing strategy.

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How to Get Clients for Your Email Newsletter Service

How to Get Clients for Your Email Newsletters

By Michael Katz / August 26, 2016

Michael Katz discusses how you can break into a new niche, land your first client, and generate a steady stream of clients for life.

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E-newsletters Try Not to Do this

E-newsletters: Try Not to Do This

By Michael Katz / September 18, 2014

Copywriters who do what they sell have more success getting clients. Michael Katz looks at how this applies to e-newsletter subject lines.

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Supercharge Your Business with E-Newsletters

By Michael Katz / April 8, 2014

Michael Katz reveals why e-newsletters are a fun and profitable way to supercharge your B2B freelance copywriting business.

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Newsletter Secrets: Mom Likes Me Better

By Michael Katz / January 21, 2014

What makes one newsletter more compelling than another? Michael Katz reveals four newspaper secrets that can make the difference.

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Get More Clients With Relationship Marketing

By Michael Katz / November 20, 2013

Michael Katz reveals his successful four-tiered relationship marketing system for attracting and retaining ideal clients.

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Hoop Dreams — Your Superstar Skills

By Michael Katz / November 14, 2013

Are you getting paid for copywriting projects while your highest-value skills remain uncompensated? Michael Katz explains your greatest value.

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Ditch Your Elevator Statement

By Michael Katz / November 5, 2013

What’s better than a polished elevator statement? Michael Katz reveals a more effective strategy.

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The Water Connection: It’s Smart to Get Personal

By Michael Katz / September 19, 2013

What a savvy water delivery guy taught Michael Katz about marketing and how you can get hired by making a personal connection.

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Scale Your Business Without Hiring Another Writer

Become the Leading Expert in Something

By Michael Katz / July 25, 2013

Michael Katz explores another perspective for selecting your target market and how you can become the leading expert in your niche.

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