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Articles by Pam Foster

Be a B2B Copywriting Lifesaver by Taking the Wheel

By Pam Foster / July 18, 2014

B2B clients know their businesses inside and out, but they may be unfamiliar with managing copywriting projects. Lead the way!

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B2B Copywriting Proposals and When to Discuss Fees

By Pam Foster / July 14, 2014

Write winning proposals with these tips from Pam Foster including the one question most copywriters never think to ask.

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B2B Copywriting Proposals That Get a Big YES

By Pam Foster / July 11, 2014

B2B copywriting proposals have a “corporate expectation” you don’t find with other proposals. Pam Foster defines what this means.

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Price Your B2B Copywriting Projects with Panache

By Pam Foster / July 3, 2014

A nice aspect of B2B copywriting is the fact that most companies have decent budgets and are willing to invest in quality work. Pam Foster explains.

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Win Over B2B Copywriting Clients at “Hello”

By Pam Foster / June 27, 2014

What’s a B2B client hoping to find when contacting you for a potential project? Pam Foster explains how to win from the get-go.

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To Niche or Not to Niche?

By Pam Foster / June 9, 2014

Do you need to choose a niche if you’re a B2B copywriter? Pam Foster answers the top questions B2B copywriters have about niches.

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Clues Say B2B Copywriting is a GREAT Opportunity

By Pam Foster / June 24, 2013

Pam Foster examines the clues and presents the evidence that B2B copywriting offers great opportunities for both aspiring and experienced copywriters.

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