B2B Copywriting Roadmaps for Success

How do I get started as a B2B copywriter?

How do I get my first B2B copywriting client?

How do I grow my B2B copywriting business?

These questions and more are answered in the B2B Copywriting Roadmaps for Success.

No matter where you are in your career — whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to take it up a notch — we have a roadmap for you. You’ll always have an actionable goal to work towards, with step-by-step plans to attaining it.

More Roadmaps for Success are in the works to give you even more help on your path to success.

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3 Roadmaps to B2B Business Start-Up Success

In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of three options for launching your freelance career.

  • Follow Ed Gandia’s “Starting Your B2B Copywriting Business on the Side” roadmap if you still have a “day job.”
  • Pete Savage’s “Things to Do if You’re Starting Your B2B business Full-Time” roadmap is perfect if you’re diving in full-time.
  • And Steve Slaunwhite’s roadmap, “Making the Transition from Another Type of Writing Business” will help you if you’re already a writer but new to B2B copywriting.

Go to 3 Roadmaps to B2B Business Start-Up Success


Getting Started Roadmap

If you’re just starting out, this is the detailed step-by-step roadmap you need to set up your business, get your first client, and get everything in place to reach your goals.Going From Goal to Reality

Module 1: Setting Goals and Making the Leap Into Copywriting

Module 2: Choosing Your Niche and Direction

Module 3: Setting Up Your Freelance Copywriting Business

Module 4: Your Freelance Copywriting Website

Module 5: An Overview of B2B Copywriting

Module 6: Pricing Your Services

Module 7: Positioning Yourself

Module 8: Getting Your First Client

Module 9: Your Marketing System

Module 10: Productivity Tips

Module 11: Working with B2B Clients

Module 12: A Six-Figure Business


Marketing Yourself Roadmap

Your freelanced business is set up and you’ve developed your copywriting skills. Now you need to market your new freelance copywriting business. Follow this roadmap and you’ll be landing clients in no time. Marketing Yourself Roadmap: Thinking Like a Business Owner

Module 1: Thinking Like an Owner

Module 2: Your Target Market

Module 3: Creating a Marketing Plan

Module 4: Finding Time for Marketing

Module 5: Assessing Your Marketing


Setting Up Your LinkedIn Profile Roadmap

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for B2B copywriters looking to connect with potential clients. Use this Roadmap to set up a powerful LinkedIn profile that will position you as an expert in your niche.LinkedIn roadmap

Module 1: LinkedIn and the 6 Degrees of Separation

Module 2: Build a Search-Friendly LinkedIn Header

Module 3: Your LinkedIn Summary

Module 4: Adding Credibility to Your LinkedIn Profile

Module 5: Putting Your LinkedIn Profile to Work


Working With Clients Roadmap

In this Roadmap, Pam Foster covers all aspects of working with B2B clients, from the initial contact to delivering a finished product that makes them say, “wow!”

Module 1: Win Over B2B Copywriting Clients at “Hello”

Module 2: Price Your B2B Copywriting Projects with Panache

Module 3: B2B Copywriting Proposals that Get a Big YES

Module 4: Video: B2B Copywriting Proposals and When to Discuss Fees

Module 5: Be a B2B Copywriting Lifesaver by Taking the Wheel

Module 6: Get a Big Thumbs Up From the B2B Marketing Team

Module 7: Video: How to Work Smoothly with B2B Client Teams

Module 8: Be a Big Hit with B2B Copywriting Clients by Educating Them

Module 9: Use a Professional Process for Copywriting Success

Module 10: Video: Using a Creative Brief

Module 11: The “Love It!” Way to Deliver Your B2B Copywriting

Module 12: Follow Up to Flourish with Your B2B Clients


Site Audit Roadmap

Writing B2B Websites is profitable business. With Pam Foster’s Roadmap, it’s even better. Pam walks you though the site audit process, and gives you tips for winning over your client before you even start working.Get Prospects to Pony Up for Your Proposal

Module 1: Get Prospects to Pony up for Your Proposal

Module 2: Impress Client with this Site Audit Checklist

Module 3: Answers to Your Site Audit Questions

Module 4: Your Site Audit Ticket to More Work


Project Management Roadmap

Handing large client projects can be a challenge. Jon Stoltzfus makes it easy with this guide that will help you define the project, calculate your fees, and complete the project on time.Project Management Made Easy: A Process for Freelance Success

Module 1: Defining Project Scope

Module 2: Blocking Out Time for a Project Schedule

Module 3: Pricing the Project

Module 4: Delivering a High-Quality Project

Module 5: A Process for Success


Business Essentials Roadmap

The Business Essentials Roadmap is like getting an MBA in a few hours. Nancy Ross Brewer goes through all aspects of corporate life, giving you insights that will help you when working with large corporate clients.Pam Foster: Working with B2B Clients

Module 1: Business Ethics and Leadership

Module 2: Marketing and Sales

Module 3: Operations Management

Module 4: Economics and Finance

Module 5: Accounting

Module 6: Human Resources

Module 7: Information Technology

Module 8: Business Law

Module 9: Current Trends


Productivity Roadmap

You can maximize your income and your free time when you’re working at peak productivity. In this Roadmap to Success, you’ll discover how to be more productive without stress.

Productivity Roadmap: What’s Holding You Back? (Part 1)Module 1: Are You Productive or Busy?

Module 2: What’s Holding You Back? (Part 1)

Module 3: What’s Holding You Back? (Part 2)

Module 4: The Science of Productivity

Module 5: Create an Environment for Productivity

Module 6: Putting Productivity to Work for You

Module 7: Two Ways to Improve Productivity


Technology Roadmap

Do you sometimes feel a little lost keeping your freelance website up to date? Are you not sure how to accomplish some changes you want to make? This Roadmap for success will give you some tips and tricks to make managing your freelance website a little easier. Technology Roadmap for Success

Module 1: Disabling Gutenberg in WordPress websites

Module 2: Using icons in your navigation menu

Module 3: Increase productivity with Reusable Blocks in WordPress websites

Module 4: Exporting reusable blocks in WordPress websites

Module 5: Updating your WordPress website on a mobile app

          Module 6:  Setting up and using Instagram for B2B

Module 7:  Undo with Post Revisions on Your WordPress website

          Module 8: Privacy Policy in WordPress websites


Building a Content Marketing Business Roadmap

Over 90% of B2B companies use Content in one form or another as part of their marketing efforts. It’s a huge market, and a lucrative one for copywriters who understand how to write content and how to help their clients with content strategy development. This Roadmap for Success takes you from the ABCs of Content to the finer points that allow you to build your business around Content, or simply super-charge your client’s content results.

Content Marketing Roadmap for Success

Module 1: From Michelin Guides to Today’s Blog Posts

Module 2: How Big is the B2B Content Marketing Opportunity? So Big

          Module 3: Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Module 4: A CM Best Practice: Who are you writing to?

Module 5: A CM Best Practice: What are you writing? 

Module 6: A CM Best Practice: Tools and Tricks How to Write B2B Content?

Module 7: How Can I Get a Content Writing Gig?

Module 8: How Can I Get a Retainer Content Writing Gig?


Business Templates Roadmap

Sometimes being chief cook and bottlewasher for your business is wonderful. You call the shots. You decide when to work and when to take some time off… But sometimes you need a little help to shortcut some of those non-writing tasks you know you need to spend time on.

           In this Roadmap, we’ll give you business templates you can use to generate client leads, bring new clients on                 board, and then work with those clients in a professional manner.  Freelance Business Templates

Module 1: Prospecting and follow-up email templates

          Module 2: Prospect Intake Checklist

Module 3: Project Proposal Templates

Module 4: How to estimate timeline and pricing

Module 5: General, Retainer, and Royalty Agreement Templates

Module 6: Creative Brief Client Questionnaire Template

Module 7: Client Communication Templates to deliver your copy and request testimonials

           Module 8: Getting Paid: Invoicing and Collections Templates


Social Media Marketing RoadmapSocial Media Marketing Roadmap

Using social media is an integral marketing component for businesses.

According to the Statista Content Marketing Trend Study for 2021, almost all (92%) of B2B companies rely on social media as a channel for content marketing, with only 58% on blogs.

LinkedIn is the most popular B2B platform with 91%. Facebook is second with 72%, and YouTube is third at 58%.

But considering the where, when, and what that is shared, multiplied by all platforms, and how to deliver the message can easily overwhelm your clients and lead to analysis paralysis.

Where do they start? How do you help them remove the stress and create opportunity that adds to their bottom line using social media marketing?

We’re going to spend the next few months of this Roadmap digging into all of that, helping you help your client craft an effective social media marketing strategy and then helping them to implement it.

Module 1: The Basics

Module 2: Branding

Module 3: the KLT Principle

Module 4: the Try-Buy-Repeat-Refer Principle

Module 5: Now’s the time to S.C.O.R.E.

Module 6: Organic Content Marketing

Module 7: Video Marketing

Module 8: Splintering Content

Module 9: Content Calendar

Module 10: How to Leverage Video in your Social Media

Module 11: Implement Using the ABT Method to control the narrative

Module 12: Implement Batch Scheduling for Efficiency

Module 13: Use the Rinse and Repeat Method to keep your social media marketing working

Module 14: Strategy for B2B-only Clients

Module 15: Strategy for Clients with Both B2B and B2C Products and Services

Module 16: Social Media Roadmap Recap and Cautions




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