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Your B2B Success Path Roadmap

Welcome to your B2B Success Path Roadmap!

This roadmap is designed to be your guide through every stage of your journey to success as a B2B copywriter or content writer.

The first step is to determine where you are on your journey:

Level 1 — Just starting out

  • New to B2B or freelance copywriting
  • Fewer than five client projects
  • Want guidance on getting started

Take me to the Level 1 Roadmap now.

Level 2 — Part-time writer

  • Completed the Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy program
  • Five or more paid client projects
  • Want guidance on growing your business

Take me to the Level 2 Roadmap now.

Level 3 — Full-time writer

  • Completed one or more focus training programs (Lead-gen, white papers, case studies, etc.)
  • Have a steady client flow
  • Want guidance on achieving your income goal

Take me to the Level 3 Roadmap now.

If you’re not sure of your level, simply start at Level 1 and skip the steps you’ve already accomplished.

Ready? Let’s get started…

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