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7 Tips for Healthy Client Relationships

7 Tips for Healthy B2B Client Relationships

November 21, 2019

Keep B2B client relationships healthy by meeting client needs while maintaining boundaries that are necessary for copywriters to sleep peacefully.

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Real-Life Client Emails

Reality Blog: Tales from the Trenches: Real-Life Client Emails

November 20, 2019

Here’s a look into the most common types of client emails a working B2B copywriter might receive — with lessons learned from each.

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Power Up Your B2B Copy With Images

Power Up Your Copy with Images… Power Up Your Results

November 18, 2019

Happiness, sadness, fear, and anger are core emotions: Use images to evoke them and watch your response rates soar.

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5 Tips to have your elevator pitch stand out

5 Creative Ways to Craft Your B2B Copywriting Elevator Pitch

November 14, 2019

Stand out from the crowd at networking events by having a creative elevator pitch for your B2B copywriting business.

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Make Your First Draft Fun

Reality Blog: How to Make Your First Writing Draft Fun

November 13, 2019

Staring down a blank page, hoping to come up with a great idea, can be hard. Here’s a way to make it fun rather than stressful.

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3 Must-haves for SEO and Content Marketing

3 Must-Have Elements of SEO and Content Marketing

November 11, 2019

Before you start writing content for a client, make sure you’ve got these three must-have elements for good SEO and content marketing.

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5 Productivity-Boosting Tips for B2B Copywriters

5 Productivity-Boosting Tips for B2B Copywriters

November 7, 2019

Boost productivity in your B2B copywriting business with five can’t-fail tips to keep you focused while working from home.

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Reality Blog: How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest

Reality Blog: How to Avoid a Conflict of Interest

November 6, 2019

Can you work for two potential clients with a very similar product or service? This post can help you decide what to do.

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How to Raise Your Rates and Keep Your Clients

A Simple Way to Prepare Your Clients for Higher Rates

November 5, 2019

As you improve your skills and create more value, how do you charge existing clients higher rates and still keep them?

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5 investments to help your business

5 Investments Your B2B Copywriting Business Needs

October 31, 2019

Intentional investment in yourself and your company pays big dividends. Here are five investments your B2B copywriting business needs.

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