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B2B Reality Blog

B2B Reality Blogger Judith Culp Pearson gives you real-life insights into growing your copywriting business.

Judi spent over 30 years in the spa and wellness industry and has been a serial entrepreneur. Even owning and running a private postsecondary career school offering esthetics training.

But she realized the long-term prospects in her chosen industry weren’t good. So she turned to AWAI for help building her new copywriting career. She’s been a COS member since 2016.

Check out the new Reality Blog each Wednesday to see what’s new in Judi’s business.

Reality Blog: Find Fun and Profitable Clients

Reality Blog: Find Clients who are Fun, Amazing, and Profitable

December 1, 2021

The best clients are fun, amazing to work with, and profitable. Here are some tips to help you successfully find them.

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Reality Blog: Help! I’m New with No Portfolio

Reality Blog: Help! I’m New and Have No Portfolio!

November 24, 2021

For many writers and creatives being new and without a portfolio is a big problem. The solution is simple but often overlooked.

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Reality Blog: How to Find and Share Stories

Reality Blog: Discover How to Find and Share Stories to Engage

November 17, 2021

Stories are all around us. Some are ours, some we can borrow. Here we discover how to find and share stories to engage readers.

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Reality Blog: Celebrate Wins and Learns to Grow

Reality Blog: Want Success Faster? Celebrate Every Win and Learn

November 10, 2021

It’s easy to celebrate wins but challenges send us reeling. Flip a loss to learn and now you win. Missteps help us learn and succeed.

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Judith Culp Pearson

Reality Blog: Why Would B2B Clients Want to Hire You?

November 3, 2021

As your new Reality Blogger, let’s get acquainted. I found I needed outside help to see why B2B clients would want to hire me.

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Reality Blog: A Reality Blogger Retrospective

Reality Blog: A Reality Blogger Retrospective

October 27, 2021

Since AWAI has chosen the next B2B Reality Blogger, a brief retrospective seemed like an excellent topic for my last post.

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Reality Blog: Per-Word Pricing Strategies

Reality Blog: Per-Word Pricing Strategies

October 20, 2021

My client insists on “per-word pricing” for projects. What should I charge? Today I discuss the best per-word pricing strategies.

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Reality Blog How Keywords Work

Reality Blog: How Keywords Work

October 13, 2021

As soon as I saw his keyword list, I knew I’d be explaining how keywords work to yet another client. Luckily, I own a keyword funnel.

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Reality Blog: A Marketing Plan for Copywriters

Reality Blog: A Marketing Plan for Copywriters

October 6, 2021

So I shared a few marketing ideas with him and realized they could work for a copywriter’s marketing plan, too. So here they are…

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Reality Blog: Isaac Newton's Copywriting Laws

Reality Blog: Isaac Newton’s Three Laws of Copywriting

September 29, 2021

Newton’s Laws could be called the three laws of copywriting. Inside, I explain how 400-year-old science can grow your business today.

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