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B2B Reality Blog

B2B Reality Blogger Tammy Powell gives you real-life insights into launching and growing your copywriting business.

Check out the new Reality Blog each Wednesday to see what’s new in Tammy’s business.

Reality Blog: Unschedule Your Day

September 3, 2014

Reality Blogger John Mullen gives the Unschedule a try. Could it be the key to better productivity?

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Reality Blog: Launching A Money-Making Website

August 27, 2014

This week John Mullen talks about the one thing that’s been keeping him from promoting his Money-Making Website.

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Reality Blog: Unplug Yourself for Success

August 20, 2014

Instead of chasing success by being constantly connected, John Mullen recommends you unplug yourself and enjoy the benefits.

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Reality Blog: Just Go Play — A Networking Lesson

August 13, 2014

Networking is a powerful tool for finding clients. So why wouldn’t you jump at every chance to do it?

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Reality Blog: Survive the Proposal Roller Coaster

August 6, 2014

Often, your proposal is just the beginning of negotiations with a potential client. There can be ups and downs in the process.

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Reality Blog: Summer Fun and Productivity

July 30, 2014

John Mullen relates how his plans for higher productivity during the summer got derailed and how he’s adjusted to the “real” schedule.

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Reality Blog: Putting the Pressure on a Proposal

July 23, 2014

In this week’s Reality Blog, John Mullen prepares a copywriting proposal for a potential client. See what he put it and what he left out.

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Executive Summary: Meet John Mullen

July 22, 2014

Meet John Mullen, the B2B Writing Success Reality Blogger. Find out why he chose copywriting and what his goals are for the next year.

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Reality Blog: Hello? Is that a Prospect Calling?

July 16, 2014

When the phone rings do you answer it or keep writing and return the call? Reality Blogger John Mullen has an answer.

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Reality Blog: A “Right Things” Marketing Plan

July 9, 2014

Does your marketing plan help you do the right things? John Mullen shares his updated plan that will help him get B2B clients.

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