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B2B Reality Blog

B2B Reality Blogger Tammy Powell gives you real-life insights into launching and growing your copywriting business.

Check out the new Reality Blog each Wednesday to see what’s new in Tammy’s business.

Reality Blog: Copywriting Success by Keeping it Simple

Reality Blog: Copywriting Success by Keeping it Simple

December 26, 2018

Copywriting Success can be achieved with just a few simple basics. Here’s how you can get started quickly and easily.

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Reality Blog: The Meaning of a Successful Writer’s Life

December 19, 2018

Meaning and entitlement are key parts of a successful writer’s life. Here’s how…

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Reality Blog: An Audit of My Copywriting Business

Reality Blog: An Audit of My Copywriting Business

December 12, 2018

Position yourself for more success next year by taking an honest look at your copywriting business. Here’s how…

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Reality Blog: Your Inbox Holds a Wealth of Copywriting Prospects

Reality Blog: Prospecting for Gold in Your Inbox

December 5, 2018

Do you need to find copywriting prospects? Before you hit delete, check your inbox for hidden treasures… And clients.

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Reality Blog: Need a B2B Niche? Try Adjacent Industry Prospects

Reality Blog: Another Option for Your B2B Niche

November 28, 2018

Are you stuck finding a profitable B2B niche to write for? Try this method to expand your search for ideal clients.

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Reality Blog: Extra Benefits from Your Copywriting Business

Reality Blog: Extras from Your Copywriting Business

November 21, 2018

You started your copywriting business to make money. But there are more benefits you can enjoy.

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Reality Blog: Bridging the Reader's Curiosity Gap in B2B Copy

Reality Blog: Bridging the Reader’s Curiosity Gap

November 14, 2018

Is long-form copy dead? No, just long, boring copy. Here’s how to use the Curiosity Gap to keep your reader engaged as long as necessary.

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Reality Blog: Give Your Copywriting Business a TIME Audit

Reality Blog: Give Your Business a TIME Audit

November 7, 2018

At the AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp, Ted Capshaw explained how important TIME is to your copywriting business success.

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b2b reality blogger

Are YOU the Next B2B Reality Blogger?

November 2, 2018

2019 is just around the corner and we’re looking for the perfect writer to assume the position of the B2B Reality Blogger.

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Reality Blog: How and Where to Find Good B2B Copywriting Clients

Reality Blog: Where to Find B2B Copywriting Clients

October 31, 2018

Every copywriter wonders where to find good B2B copywriting clients. The good news is, there are plenty of them. Here’s how I’ve found my clients.

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