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Getting B2B Clients

Whether you’re just starting out or want to take your freelance business to the next level, client attraction is a critical part of your success. You’ll discover proven strategies and creative ways to find and land high-quality B2B clients here.

How to Get Your First Newsletter Client

December 2, 2013

Convincing that first client to hire you to write their e-newsletter can be a challenge. Here are six tips to help you succeed.

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Help Your Way to More Clients

November 28, 2013

Finding and attracting good clients can be a challenge. Steve Slaunwhite shares a strategy that’s unique and effective.

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Should You Write For Ad Agencies and Design Firms?

November 26, 2013

There is always opportunity to work with ad agencies or design firms but is it a blessing or a curse? It depends!

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Get More Clients With Relationship Marketing

November 20, 2013

Michael Katz reveals his successful four-tiered relationship marketing system for attracting and retaining ideal clients.

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What B2B Clients Want Most From Their Writers

November 7, 2013

Ed Gandia reveals the one thing B2B clients want and the 4 ways you can provide it and get more clients.

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How to Get Clients for Your Email Newsletter Service

5 Negotiating Tips Every Freelancer Must Know

October 31, 2013

Have you ever been pressured to reduce your fees? Try these 5 negotiating tips from Steve Slaunwhite instead.

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10 Ideas for Staying in Touch With Prospects

October 24, 2013

Most prospects aren’t ready to hire you when you first contact them. Staying in touch with them can make sure you get hired later.

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How to Double Your Chances of Getting Hired

October 17, 2013

Want to get hired by more of your prospects? Steve Slaunwhite reveals his secret weapon that makes the difference.

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Getting More Business with Twitter

October 3, 2013

Find out how strategic use of social media including twitter can bring more business to your freelance copywriting business.

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How Email Newsletters Turn Prospects Into Clients

September 17, 2013

In this interview with Michael Katz, he explains why email newsletters are a powerful client attraction tool.

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