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Working with Clients

Everything you need to know about working with clients from the proposal to the contract to strategies for getting paid more is right here for you. With these resources you’ll be able to confidently handle every client situation you encounter and easily build a loyal client base for your freelance business.

3 Ways to Expand Your B2B Copywriting Income

3 Ways to Expand Your B2B Copywriting Income

September 1, 2014

Getting more business from your current B2B copywriting clients is much easier than finding new clients. These tips will help.

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Bring in More Work by Supersizing Your Role

Bring in More Work by Supersizing Your Role

August 29, 2014

It’s much easier (and fun) to get more work with current clients than to keep looking for new clients.

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7 Tips for Healthy Client Relationships

Follow up to Flourish with Your B2B Clients

August 22, 2014

As a freelancer, your mission is to build ongoing relationships with great clients so they hire you again and again. Follow up is the key.

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Using a Creative Brief for B2B Copywriting Success

August 11, 2014

This short video explains how a creative brief allows you to drive the copywriting process and produce a better product.

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Executive Summary: Ask Steve: Retainer Agreements

August 8, 2014

When should you bill a client by project and when should you use retainer agreements? Steve Slaunwhite answers your questions.

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Be a Big Hit with B2B Copywriting Clients by Educating Them

August 1, 2014

Always bring your expertise to the table with B2B copywriting projects. You may end up educating clients and wowing them.

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How to Work Smoothly with B2B Client Teams

July 28, 2014

This short video explains who you’re likely to work with on a B2B client team and how each of them plays an important role.

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Get a Big Thumbs Up From the B2B Marketing Team

July 25, 2014

As a B2B copywriter, working well with client teams is important to your success. Here are 7 steps to winning them over.

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Ask Steve: Retainer Agreements

July 22, 2014

Steve Slaunwhite addresses member questions on retainer agreements and gives you some important tips if you use retainers.

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Be a B2B Copywriting Lifesaver by Taking the Wheel

July 18, 2014

B2B clients know their businesses inside and out, but they may be unfamiliar with managing copywriting projects. Lead the way!

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