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Working with Clients

Everything you need to know about working with clients from the proposal to the contract to strategies for getting paid more is right here for you. With these resources you’ll be able to confidently handle every client situation you encounter and easily build a loyal client base for your freelance business.

How to Get Paid on Time by Charging Late Fees

B2B Copywriting Proposals and When to Discuss Fees

July 14, 2014

Write winning proposals with these tips from Pam Foster including the one question most copywriters never think to ask.

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My Client Follow-up Mistake: Don’t Do the Same?

July 7, 2014

Staying in touch with past clients is critical, as Mac Bull learned through this painful experience. Are you making the same mistake?

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Price Your B2B Copywriting Projects with Panache

July 3, 2014

A nice aspect of B2B copywriting is the fact that most companies have decent budgets and are willing to invest in quality work. Pam Foster explains.

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Win Over B2B Copywriting Clients at “Hello”

June 27, 2014

What’s a B2B client hoping to find when contacting you for a potential project? Pam Foster explains how to win from the get-go.

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B2B Writing Success Member Update — May 2017

What to Do When the Client Hates Your Copy

June 16, 2014

Steve Slaunwhite gives you a six-step strategy to turn an unhappy client into a satisfied client and even get offered more work.

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Copy Tip: Recording and Transcribing Interviews

May 15, 2014

Client interviews cover important facts that you need to recall. Here’s an easy way to capture every word that’s reliable and efficient.

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A Simple Secret to Getting Paid More

May 8, 2014

Want to earn a higher fee for the projects you handle? Steve Slaunwhite shares his secret to getting paid more for his work.

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Two High-Income Freelance Business Models

May 1, 2014

Ed Gandia introduces two business pricing models to consider that can help your freelance business be more profitable very quickly.

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Find Hidden Profits in Slogan Writing

March 13, 2014

Developing a slogan for a client is easier than you think and is an easy way to extend your client relationship and increase your income.

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Cultural Intelligence for B2B Copywriters

February 20, 2014

In this special teleseminar you’ll discover the challenges of writing effective copy for an unfamiliar culture or country.

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