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B2B Business Building

better than traditional goal-setting

Gandia: Works Better Than Traditional Goal-Setting

September 27, 2019

In this video tip, Ed Gandia shares why traditional goal-setting is not as effective as this method.

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4 Ways to Stay In Touch with Past B2B Clients

4 Ways to Stay In Touch with Past B2B Clients

September 23, 2019

Marketing can require a lot of outreach to get results; improve your odds by targeting past B2B clients using these four strategies.

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Letter of Introduction

The LOI Way to Grow Your Business

September 9, 2019

Freelancers, you need clients to grow your business. Here’s a way to connect with prospects that’s easy and effective.

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Keep Lead Funnel Full

4 Outreach Methods to Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

September 6, 2019

You’ve landed some paying clients. But how do you keep that income flowing? Use these methods to sustain momentum.

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Even Chatbots need copywriters

[Trend Alert] Even Chatbots Need Copywriters…

September 2, 2019

A Chatbot app or conversational bot is the new way businesses interact with their customers. You’ve probably experienced this yourself. For instance, have you ever […]

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Add Value to Your Website with Title Tags

Add Value to Your Website with Title Tags

August 26, 2019

When you mouse over an image on most websites today, you’ll see a quick description of the image show up as a tooltip. Likewise on […]

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Launch your business in a strong economy

Ed Gandia: Launch your copywriting business in a strong economy

August 23, 2019

In this video tip, Ed Gandia tells you why now’s the time to get your writing business started.

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Add UX Copywriting Services for Higher Income

Want More Profits? Add User Experience (UX) Copywriting Services

August 19, 2019

You drive to the grocery store, park, and walk in. As the doors open, it smells like rotten fish. Do you enter the store or […]

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freelancer burnout

Find Your Mojo After Burnout with These 5 Tips

August 13, 2019

As your freelance writing business grows, there will come a time when you just need a break. You may enjoy the work you’re doing and […]

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Choose Your Clients to Meet Your Goals

How to Evaluate Your Next Copywriting Projects

August 5, 2019

Being self-employed offers a ton of flexibility and freedom. You can take off when you want, work from your couch or the coffee shop, and […]

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