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B2B Business Building

4-Step Warm B2B Writing Email Prospecting Workflow

4-Step Warm Email Prospecting Workflow for B2B Freelance Writers

August 28, 2020

In this video tip, Ed Gandia shares his workflow for using warm emails to prospect for B2B freelance copywriting clients.

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3-Pronged Approach to Finding Clients on LinkedIn

A 3-Pronged Approach to Finding B2B Writing Clients on LinkedIn

August 27, 2020

Even if you’re already using LinkedIn to connect with B2B writing clients, you’re probably still under-using this valuable tool. Read on to increase LinkedIn’s value with a three-pronged strategy for getting clients on LinkedIn.

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Build Your B2B Freelance Business with Risk Tolerance

Build Your B2B Freelance Writing Business with Risk Tolerance

August 24, 2020

Succeeding in your B2B freelance writing business requires some risk. Here’s how to build some tolerance… and your business.

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Proven Method to Get B2B Clients with One Sample

Proven Method to Get B2B Freelance Clients with One Sample

August 20, 2020

Don’t let lack of experience stop you. You can get B2B freelance clients, with just one sample, when you use this proven method to prospect.

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Reality Blog: Choosing Your Copywriting Niche

Reality Blog: Choosing Your Copywriting Niche for Success

August 19, 2020

Choosing your copywriting niche for success is where many freelancers get stuck, so allow me to share what I have learned so far.

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How to Get Consistent Income with B2B Retainers

How to Get Consistent Income with B2B Retainer Clients

August 17, 2020

One-off projects for a multitude of clients? Or B2B retainer clients to put your income on cruise control? Here’s what you need to know.

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5 Ways to Make Your B2B Business More Trustworthy

5 Ways to Make Your B2B Copywriting Business More Trustworthy

August 11, 2020

Collect more leads for your B2B copywriting business and close more projects with these five tips to build trust with your prospects.

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How to Move Through Fear of Your Writing Project

How to Move Through Fear of Your B2B Copywriting Project

August 10, 2020

Follow these steps to move through fear of the new or unknown and complete your B2B copywriting project.

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"Hidden" Content Marketing Writing Opportunities

Three “Hidden” Content Marketing Opportunities for B2B Writers

August 6, 2020

There are three “hidden” content marketing projects you can pitch to new or existing clients to increase your revenue and help them improve their content marketing results.

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Attract B2B Copywriting Clients by Getting Found

Attract B2B Copywriting Clients with Mindset as Well as Skill Set

August 3, 2020

Is there a way you can attract B2B clients easily and effortlessly? Yes, there is. But you have to be willing to change your mindset.

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