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These free resources cover a wide range of topics within B2B copywriting and give you just a taste of what you can access as a member of B2B Writing Success.

Create a Style Guide for your client - earn income

Get Extra Income Creating a Company Style Guide

October 10, 2019

When working with a company for the first time, ask if they have a customized style guide. If not, this is something you could get paid to create for them.

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AP and Chicago Style Guide

B2B Clients, AP, Chicago, and the Oxford Comma: It’s a Matter of Style

October 3, 2019

When you’re working with your B2B clients, you know you need to know their products and their prospects. But you also need to know their style.

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3 Steps for Your Best B2B Content Article

3 Steps for Your Best B2B Content Article

September 26, 2019

You’ve submitted a pitch and your editor accepted it. Now, it’s time to write the best possible article by following three simple steps.

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3 tips to get more work

Content Writers: 3 Tips to Get More Work

September 19, 2019

Editors are looking for writers they can count on to provide a huge amount of content. If you follow these tips, you could become an editor’s go-to writer.

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Make Your New Client Stick Welcome Email

Make Your New Client “Stick” with a Welcome Email

September 12, 2019

Avoid buyer’s remorse from your new client by using this welcome email template to communicate even before your project starts.

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How to make technical writing interesting

How to make technical copywriting projects interesting

September 5, 2019

Very technical projects like white papers can be boring if the copywriter doesn’t take a few extra steps to improve readability and provide interesting content.

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6 Ways to Manage Copywriting Client Expectations

Use These 6 Ways to Manage Copywriting Client Expectations

August 29, 2019

I learned a lot of important lessons in the early days of my freelancing business.   There was the phone call where the guy asked, […]

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Streamline Your Writing Research for Better Income

Streamline Your Copywriting Research to Increase Your Income

August 22, 2019

“A-list” copywriters often point out that the secret to writing great focused copy is not the writing at all. It’s the research. Solid, complete research […]

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3 tips to get more work

Ask These 6 Questions to Write Stronger Copy

August 15, 2019

If you’ve been around copywriting circles for more than a few minutes, you know that we’re all about the benefits. Here’s an example… Does it […]

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Avoid Hidden Pitfalls of B2B Copywriting

5 Pitfalls to Avoid in B2B Copywriting

August 8, 2019

When you’re working your way towards a successful B2B writing career, you’re likely to stumble into a pitfall or two. You’re likely aware of some […]

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