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4 Easy Actions to Take to Avoid Feast or Famine

What’s Your Client Pick-up Line?

June 12, 2014

How do you make a positive first impression on a potential client? Steve Slaunwhite explains how a script can help.

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7 Things Mulan Taught Me About Copywriting

June 5, 2014

Disney’s Mulan demonstrates how to rise above self-defeating personality traits, and instead focus on 7 keys to copywriting success.

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How to Get Your Marketing Unstuck

May 29, 2014

If you’re not getting all the clients you want, there may be a problem in your marketing process. Here’s how to know where.

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Setting Healthy B2B Client Boundaries

The Top 7 Ways to Get Great Clients

May 22, 2014

Finding and getting hired by great clients is a need every copywriter has. Try these top 7 ways to get clients.

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Copy Tip: Recording and Transcribing Interviews

May 15, 2014

Client interviews cover important facts that you need to recall. Here’s an easy way to capture every word that’s reliable and efficient.

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A Simple Secret to Getting Paid More

May 8, 2014

Want to earn a higher fee for the projects you handle? Steve Slaunwhite shares his secret to getting paid more for his work.

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Two High-Income Freelance Business Models

May 1, 2014

Ed Gandia introduces two business pricing models to consider that can help your freelance business be more profitable very quickly.

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Grow Your B2B Writing Business With LinkedIn

April 24, 2014

LinkedIn is undergoing a shift from just another social media site to a true publishing platform, which is great news for copywriters.

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Triple Your Income by Recommending White Papers

April 17, 2014

Are you missing a golden opportunity? Steve Slaunwhite explains how recommending white papers to a client can be big win.

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What B2B Clients Want: The Lead-Gen Specialist

April 10, 2014

B2B clients want and need lead generation copy. In this interview, Steve Slaunwhite unveils this lucrative side of B2B copywriting.

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