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Social Media and Mobile Marketing

Companies that once ignored social media are now embracing it. Social media changes almost daily and B2B companies rely on freelancers with up-to-date knowledge to run their social media campaigns. Find resources here to help you stay current with social media and mobile marketing strategies.

B2B Writing Success November 2014 Member Update

October 31, 2014

On November 3rd, we’ll recap the AWAI Bootcamp, talk about the role of Social Media in B2B Marketing, and have time for Q&A.

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Reality Blog: Finding Your Path in Social Media

Reality Blog: Finding Your Path in Social Media

September 24, 2014

John Mullen looks at his social media presence and determines the best use of his time and effort on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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How B2B Companies are Winning on Social Media

September 11, 2014

B2B companies are learning to harness the power of social media. Julia Borgini examines some unique examples of B2B social media marketing.

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Grow Your B2B Writing Business With LinkedIn

April 24, 2014

LinkedIn is undergoing a shift from just another social media site to a true publishing platform, which is great news for copywriters.

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How to Avoid 5 Common LinkedIn Prospecting Errors

February 11, 2014

LinkedIn can be a powerful networking and client-finding too. Follow these strategies and avoid LinkedIn prospecting mistakes.

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Let Social Media Guide You to B2B Clients

February 10, 2014

Social media is driving a demand for B2B copywriters. Find out how you can harness the power of social media to find your next client.

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Integrating Social Media into B2B Marketing

January 23, 2014

Many B2B companies are unsure how to effectively integrate social media into their marketing. Here are some easy first steps.

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5 Unique Uses of Social Media

January 14, 2014

How can B2B companies effectively use social media? Here are five B2B companies who have successfully executed a social media strategy.

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10 Tips: Using Social Media for Customer Service

December 23, 2013

B2B companies are discovering the value of using social media for customer service and turning to B2B copywriters for help.

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Getting More Business with Twitter

October 3, 2013

Find out how strategic use of social media including twitter can bring more business to your freelance copywriting business.

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