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Web Copywriting

In the online world content is king and B2B companies are turning to freelance copywriters more and more to provide them with web page copy, blogs, and SEO advice. Explore the vast array of web writing strategies that will open the doors to new B2B clients for your business.

Reality Blog: Keyword vs. Keyword Phrase

Reality Blog: Keyword or Keyword Phrase? That Is the Question

June 17, 2020

I changed my homepage from a keyword to a keyword phrase, and my website is now prominently displayed on page one of the SERPs!

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An SEO Checklist for Your B2B Writing Website

An SEO Checklist for Your B2B Copywriting Website

June 11, 2020

The truth is that for a “normal” freelance website, the whole SEO process is pretty simple if you understand Google’s algorithms. Use our checklist to hit the high points.

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Reality Blog: Heard About These Google Apps?

Reality Blog: Heard About These Google Apps?

June 10, 2020

These aren’t secret Google apps I discovered by wandering their campus halls — after hours, all in black, with night-vision goggles.

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Reality Blog: An Intro to Website Analytics

Reality Blog: An Intro to Website Analytics

June 3, 2020

When a visitor arrives at your site, what do they do? How can you know for sure? Better than a crystal ball, website analytics show you exactly what they are doing.

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3 Must-haves for SEO and Content Marketing

3 Must-Have Elements of SEO and Content Marketing

November 11, 2019

Before you start writing content for a client, make sure you’ve got these three must-have elements for good SEO and content marketing.

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Create a Privacy Policy for your WordPress website

Tech Roadmap: Privacy Policy in WordPress Websites

October 22, 2019

Learn how to add the one section most freelance sites probably don’t have, but now need if they have any clients in the EU.

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Undo function in WordPress

Tech Roadmap: Undo with Post Revisions in WordPress Websites

October 15, 2019

The Undo function has saved people from technology mess ups in many ways. Did you know WordPress has its own version of Undo?

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Smartphones, Content, and the B2B Buying Experience

Tech Roadmap: Use the WordPress Mobile App to Create Content

October 1, 2019

Create content for your WordPress site on your mobile device too. Use the app on your iPhone, Android, or tablet to create and publish content.

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Tech Roadmap: Exporting Resusable Blocks

Tech Roadmap: Export Reusable Blocks in WordPress

September 24, 2019

Export custom blocks… improve productivity, back up a custom block, sell Gutenberg blocks on the side as a new income stream.

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Tech Roadmap: Exporting Resusable Blocks

Be More Productive — Reusable Blocks in WordPress

September 17, 2019

If you find yourself using the same content types or formats repeatedly on your WordPress website, then you’ll love the Reusable Block feature of Gutenberg.

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