White Papers

A mainstay of the B2B marketing world, white papers continue to be a valuable resource for B2B companies. These resources will help you land clients and set you apart as a white paper expert.

6 Steps to Writing a Successful White Paper

June 25, 2013

Writing a successful white paper made easy! Even if you’re just starting as a B2B copywriter, follow this simple 6-step process and you can earn $2,500 or more per white paper!

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Why White Papers Are Vital to B2B Copywriters

June 23, 2013

Regardless of your B2B copywriting experience, learning to write white papers can give a boost your freelance business. Watch this video where Gordon Graham explains to Steve Slaunwhite why white papers are so important.

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Writing White Papers With Gordon Graham

June 21, 2013

Gordon Graham, white paper expert, gives you tips on writing and pricing white papers in this interview with Steve Slaunwhite.

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