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Join Master Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite each Tuesday for tips on B2B copywriting, landing clients, and growing your freelance B2B copywriting business. B2B Writing Success will inspire and encourage you! Subscribe so you don't miss a single episode.

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Finding Your Path with Judy Olbrych


Do you feel like your path to success is a winding road instead of a straight path? Then this podcast episode is for you! Hear how Judy Olbrych found her way as a B2B copywriter.

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Focusing Your Writing Business with Michael Katz


Steve Slaunwhite talks with Michael Katz about how determining your focus of your writing business can help you have a clear marketing message and land clients more easily.

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'Selling' Copywriting with Casey Demchak


Steve Slaunwhite talks with Casey Demchak on how B2B copywriters can sell themselves effectively so more prospect conversations turn into paying clients.

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Small Business Website Makeovers with Charlotte Hicks


Steve Slaunwhite talks with Charlotte Hicks on a copywriting project that's in high demand right now — website makeovers. Get tips on what to expect and how to successfully complete a website makeover project.

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Getting Better Paying Gigs with Ed Gandia


Want clients to pay you more for the same work? In this interview, Steve Slaunwhite talks with Ed Gandia on strategies for getting better paying writing gigs. Where are you on Ed's copywriting pyramid?

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Tackling the Monster Project


Podcast EpisodeA big project can be a mixed blessing. It pays well but it can be intimidating if you haven't done that type of project before. In this episode, Steve Slaunwhite gives you six tips to make completing the project easier.

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Zig Ziglar's 5-Step Process to Overcome any Challenge


Whether it's a challenge to overcome or a short-term goal, Steve Slaunwhite explains a simple process he learned from Zig Zigler to help you achieve more than you thought you could.

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How to Get Paid FAST


One of the biggest problems we can have as freelancers is cash flow. In this week's podcast, Steve Slaunwhite has six tips for getting paid more quickly.

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Your Action Plan for Getting More Referrals


Your chances of landing a client who is referred to you is higher than almost any other method of marketing yourself. In today's podcast, Steve Slaunwhite gives you a simple action plan to get more B2B copywriting referrals.

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4 Ways B2B Copywriters Make More Money


When you're ready to level up your copywriting business, these four strategies will help you make more money in the same amount of time.

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