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Join Master Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite each Tuesday for tips on B2B copywriting, landing clients, and growing your freelance B2B copywriting business. B2B Writing Success will inspire and encourage you! Subscribe so you don't miss a single episode.

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Finding and Landing Clients

Making a Prospect Confident in You


When a prospect is confident in your abilities they'll hire you for the project. In this episode, Steve Slaunwhite gives you a simple, three-step process to make a prospect confident in you.

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Writing a Winning Proposal


When you're making a proposal to a larger B2B company, they expect a more formal and detail proposal. In this episode, Steve Slaunwhite explains how to create a proposal that will impress any client.

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Building an Optimal Client Base


Steve Slaunwhite breaks out your copywriting clients into three categories, and lets you know how many of each type you should have for a strong client base.

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You've Picked a Copywriting Niche. What's Next?


Choosing a copywriting niche isn't enough. You need to make your niche work for you. Steve Slaunwhite shares his tips on what to do next.

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Finding Prospect Names


You know which companies you want to target but how do you find the name of the best person to contact? Steve Slaunwhite explains the best techniques to uncover your prospect's name.

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UpWork Success (with Amy O'Donnell)


Upwork is the new name for Elance and ODesk. It serves as a matchmaking service between freelancers and clients. In this episode, Steve Slaunwhite talks with Amy O'Donnell about her success using Upwork.

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6 Tips to Land More Clients from Marketing Partnerships


When you partner with other marketing professionals, you can get connected with many more potential clients. Steve Slaunwhite has six tips to help you get the most out of a marketing partnership.

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Cold Calling with Diana Schneidman


Steve Slaunwhite talks with author and successful freelance writer Diana Schneidman about how to build your freelance business through cold calling.

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When a Client Cancels a Project


What do you do when a client cancels a project after you get started? Steve Slaunwhite has some tips on how to handle this tricky situation and what to do up front to protect yourself.

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Four Client "Motivators" That Get You Hired


When do B2B clients decide to look for a freelance copywriter to hire? Steve Slaunwhite reviews the four main motivators that trigger a need for a freelance B2B copywriter.

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