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Freelance Business Tips

How to Become a Project Specialist


Want to focus your copywriting business on a particular type of project? Steve Slaunwhite explains what you need to do to be a successful project specialist.

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Be Strategic When You Attend a Live Event


If you make the time and financial investment to attend a professional event, it's smart to set clear goals for your time there. In this episode, Steve Slaunwhite helps you identify your strategy whenever you attend an event.

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The 80-20 Rule for B2B Writers


Steve Slaunwhite reveals the four activities that are responsible for 80% of his success as a freelance B2B copywriter.

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A Tale of Two Antique Dealers


At a recent event, Steve Slaunwhite noticed a dramatic difference between two antique dealers. In this episode, he relates how their business models differed and an important lesson for freelance copywriters.

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The Fastest Way to Boost Your Income


How would you like to boost your income 50% or more with just one strategy? Steve Slaunwhite explains his five-step process for increasing your income.

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When to Charge for Revisions


A client asks for major revisions after you're done or they change direction in the middle of the project. How do you handle this awkward situation and when do you charge for the extra work?

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How to Evaluate a Possible Niche


When you're looking at a niche or target market, how do you know if it's one where you can find plenty of clients? Steve Slaunwhite shares tips on evaluating a niche so you can choose one where your business will thrive.

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Dealing with the Impossible Deadline


What do you do when a client offers you a project you'd like to do but with an impossible deadline? Try one of these nine strategies to keep your client happy and save your sanity.

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Pricing Confidently (with Dianna Huff)


B2B copywriting expert and author Dianna Huff joins Steve Slaunwhite to discuss how important confidence is when discussing pricing with a prospective client and how you can be more confident when talking with prospects.

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Competing with Agencies


You're talking to a prospect and then they tell you they work with an agency. Not to worry — use these tips from Steve Slaunwhite to compete with the marketing agency and land the project.

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