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Freelance Business Tips

Pricing Confidently (with Dianna Huff)


B2B copywriting expert and author Dianna Huff joins Steve Slaunwhite to discuss how important confidence is when discussing pricing with a prospective client and how you can be more confident when talking with prospects.

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Competing with Agencies


You're talking to a prospect and then they tell you they work with an agency. Not to worry — use these tips from Steve Slaunwhite to compete with the marketing agency and land the project.

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How to Organize Your Day


What's the best way to organize your day so you can be as productive as possible? Steve Slaunwhite takes you on a guided tour of his workday and gives you tips for making the most out of the time you have.

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Dealing with Deadline Stress


Your deadline is looming and you're not done with your copy. How do you deal with deadline stress? Steve Slaunwhite has practical strategies to help you avoid and cope with stress.

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Simple Negotating Strategies


What do you do when the client balks and your price and asks if you can do better? Steve Slaunwhite explains when you should negotiate and gives you five ways to negotiate on price.

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Should you get a VA?


At what point in your freelance career does it make sense to hire a virtual assistant? Steve Slaunwhite has some suggestions for when and how a virtual assistant can be a big help.

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Revving up your productivity


The more productive you are, the more successful you will be as a freelance copywriter. Steve Slaunwhite shares his strategies for being consistently productive so your business flourishes and you can achieve your success goals.

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Stairs to Success


There are steps you must take to be successful in any business. Steve Slaunwhite outlines the first steps to take as a new B2B copywriter so you become successful.

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