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5 Ways to Raise Your Rates


Are you undercharging for your copywriting services? Steve Slaunwhite gives you five ways you can raise your rates so you earn what you deserve.

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Dealing with Price Objections


If you've been a copywriter for even a few weeks, you may have heard something like, “Your price is a lot higher than we expected to pay.” Here's how to handle price resistance and convert the prospect into a client.

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Selling Yourself to Marketing Directors


Steve Slaunwhite talks about the three categories of potential clients and the unique aspects of dealing with one category — Marketing Directors. Find out how you should approach them and sell yourself so you increase your odds of getting hired.

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The Best Time To Discuss Price


You've got an interested prospect that you hope to land as a client. Do you talk about your fees up front, or wait until you submit a proposal? Steve Slaunwhite's answer may surprise you — and help you get more clients.

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